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Pre and Post Hospital Admissions

Pathology testing is an important part of your pre-admissions process to assist your Doctor in preparation of your Hospital stay, as much as it is for your post admission recuperation process.

Our team of Pathologists are committed to a high level of service and communication within a collegial working environment.

Pre and Post Hospital Service Outline

On the way

Our pathologists report their diagnosis to your referring doctor. Routine test results are generally available within 2 to 3 days of collection, in readiness for your hospital stay. In some instances, they will also consult with your doctor about your final diagnosis.

Different tubes, swabs and pots are required for different types of tests, and there may even be more than one tube of blood collected. Each sample is carefully labelled and a laboratory number is allocated to ensure samples are not mixed up.

While in hospital

When you are in hospital you may also be referred to a pathologist for a blood sample to assist with your diagnosis. While the majority of pathology tests are from blood samples, other tests may be performed on samples of tissue, urine, stools (faeces) or other body fluids and secretions. For example, a sample could be collected during your operation such as a tissue obtained surgically, or a nurse will collect blood from your IV line during recuperation. 

Behind the scenes

Our pathologists are doctors who have undergone many years of specialist training. They are leaders in their field and are called on for expert opinion by their local and international colleagues. They work with the latest state of the art pathology technology and equipment from our main laboratory in Mile End, and are backed by our extensive hospital laboratory system. Supporting them further is our scientific team who are then in turn, supported by a network of collectors, couriers and administrative staff to ensure tests are handled efficiently and results are delivered to doctors and/or hospital staff as quickly as possible. 

Paying your bill

The fees for pathology testing are separate from the fees charged by your other treating doctors.

All pathology tests incur a fee, however, Clinpath opts to bulkbill most tests and offer discounted fees to “concessional” patients.

Initial diagnosis type testing which you would be requested to have done by your Doctor prior to admission, is bulk billed.

If you need more information about our billing policy, please review our Billing Policy page or if you need assistance, please contact our Accounts department on (08) 8366 2066 between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday or email us at

Post Care

Your doctor may request one of our domiciliary mobile phlebotomists visit you at home. This is a limited service for those patients with a genuine need.