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Domiciliary Mobile Service

The domiciliary service is a free, priority service which provides access to a specialist mobile phlebotomist for patients who are physically unable to attend a collection centre

The subsidy paid by Medicare Australia does not cover the costs of this service.

We therefore respectfully ask that if, and when, you are able to attend a collection centre independently or with assistance from family and/or friends, you do so, in order to allow us to provide this service to high-risk or less mobile patients.

Hours of Operation

The Clinpath domiciliary service is available for routine pathology Monday to Friday 7am-3pm. A limited weekend service is also available for urgent testing. For further information, please call our domiciliary hotline on

(08) 8301 4906

The Clinpath COVID-19 testing domiciliary service is available Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, and Saturday 10am-6pm. Scheduled collection times are not provided as we attend to hospitals, priority requests, fasting and specialised tests first.

Some tests cannot be performed as domiciliary visits - these include some paediatric blood collections and Glucose Tolerance Testing.

If you have a medical appointment on the day of your scheduled home visit, we request that you contact us and cancel your appointment, reschedule your home visit or visit one of our conveniently located collection centres.

Pathology testing is available for patients in isolation, for individual patients displaying COVID-19 symptoms, and for COVID-19 positive patients

General Pathology

A vast range of general pathology testing is available, including routine blood work, faecal testing, urine testing, general microculture and viral swabs.Urgent and add-on testing is also available

Cardiac Testing

Mobile specialist cardiac testing is available, including electrocardiogram (ECG), holter monitor fitting and removals, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Specialised Testing

A number of other specialist tests are available through our domiciliary service including Quantiferon Gold TB, Vitamin C testing, Arterial Blood Gas testing and Helicobacter Breath testing

The Process 

On the day of the domiciliary visit, all patients are required to:

(*this process assumes the service has been booked and confirmed)

  • Provide pension or concession cards (if applicable)
  • Provide a current Medicare card
  • Provide the pathology request form (unless testing is a Rule 3 exception)
  • Maintain a list of current medications, including dosages
  • Clear small table and area for collection
  • Ensure a carer/support person is available if patient is unable to open the door for the pathology collector
  • Ensure a carer/support person is available if patient is unable to positively identify themselves
  • Lock pets away for the duration of the collection

On the day, the pathology collector is required to:

  • Behave in a professional manner
  • Positively identify the patient
  • Take away their pathology waste
  • Refuse service if they feel unsafe or if there is any evidence of consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol at the premises.
Pathology collectors will notify their managers if they believe that the domiciliary service is being abused or if they feel unsafe during a visit. The manager will then notify the requesting doctor regarding the continuation of this service.