Pre-Employment Screening

Screening for the presence of alcohol and drugs is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. A Pre-Employment medical examination provides a baseline health assessment for a worker before they enter a role with an employer.

It is important to remember the pathology behind the tests are not Medicare rebateable. If you need more information, please discuss with your Client Liaison.

Visit the Sonic commercial pathology website

Protecting your workplace

Invest in safety measures that create a 
COVID-19 free workplace, with employee 
wellness as a priority.

Are you looking to implement a system to support your employee health and wellbeing initiatives, as well as maintain a COVID safe workplace? Are you experiencing delays of lost time and productivity when employees with flu like symptoms are away from work? 

Clinpath can work with you to implement a COVID safe wellbeing program.

With a state of the art molecular laboratory, conveniently located drive through stations and mobile domiciliary services for those who can’t leave home, Clinpath Pathology can implement an appropriate corporate COVID testing plan with you.

Implementing a corporate structure supports your business operations, reduces unnecessary time away for the workplace and gives you peace of mind about the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Clinpath provide COVID-19 results within 24-48 hours with a full PCR Panel Screen test back to their referring Doctor so the employee can estimate when they can return to work.

Simple steps for employees

  1. Attend to regular GP or arrange a telehealth consult*
  2. Request form faxed directly to us (08) 8366 2011
  3. Employee attends a Clinpath drive through on the same day (bookings at
  4. Result, with consent, is sent to employee via SMS
  5. Staff return to work as appropriate.

* Alternate option is to use your own corporate Doctor to write the request form


If the employee is symptomatic and has a GP referral the test is Medicare rebatable, meaning there is no out of pocket expense to you or the patient. Note: employees must have a valid Medicare card, otherwise there is a charge.