Respiratory Viruses Report

Weekly and annual report summaries of significant infectious diseases circulating in our area of service

Aged Care Hotline 1800 570 573

Our experienced mobile team will respond and be onsite to a metropolitan location within 2 hours, with sentinel results available within 24 hours.

The service is bulk billed with a referral form. There is no cost to the resident, staff member or aged care facility for this service.


Aged Care Facility (ACF) Information Pack

This information pack identifies the process involved if your facility requires either a collection or test for a COVID-19 sample. Clinpath Pathology have two service models across South Australia; Metro & Regional

Aged Care Facility Checklist

Identification of Positive Patient & Large Volume Collections

Aged Care Liasion

Your co-ordinator
Stephanie Hubbard
Aged Care Client Liaison  

COVID-19 Testing Metro Response Plan

Aged Care Facility (ACF)


Open Metro Flowchart

COVID-19 Testing Regional Response Plan

Aged Care Facility (ACF)

Open Regional Flowchart

Training video for COVID-19 swab collection

As an additional resource, this  animated video has been created to further assist aged care nurses and staff in completing a COVID-19 swab collection.

This video demonstrates the procedure, including instructions for:

  • Appropriate preparation
  • Throat and nasal swab collection
  • Packaging the completed swab