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Understanding pathology testing

Pathology is a specialist medical service.

Our pathologists are doctors who have undergone many years of specialist training. They are leaders in their field and are called on for expert opinion by their local and international colleagues. Supporting them is our scientific team who are in turn, supported by a network of collectors, couriers and administrative staff to ensure tests are handled efficiently and results are delivered to doctors and/or hospital staff as quickly as possible. However, at the heart of everything we do in our business is the patient.  You!

1. Doctor Referral

The request form given to you by your doctor, will explain to us what test we need to perform.

4. Specialised Tests

Some tests have special conditions and timings that you will need to book an appointment. Your Doctor will be able to tell you - however, you can also call our friendly Client Services team via (08) 8366 2000 if you would like to discuss.

7. What to take

1. Your signed pathology collection form.2. Your Medicare card, plus your pension, Health Care or Veterans Affairs card if you have one

2. Routine Tests

For routine pathology tests you do not need to make an appointment. You have a choice as to where you go, so, think pathology. think clinpath.

5. Pre Test Care

Be aware of any specific instructions provided by your own Doctor. Drink water.

8. Test Results

Routine blood test results are generally available within 2 to 3 days of collection. However, some testing is more involved and may take longer. To assist you in organising an appointment with your doctor, we encourage you to ask your doctor when the results will be available.

3. Fasting Tests

To ensure test accuracy, there are some tests, which will require you to fast for 10 – 16 hours. You can drink water during this time and take any medication you would normally take, unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

9. Post Test Care

Do not lift that heavy bag after a blood test and, to reduce bruising or bleeding after each blood test, please avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for 24 hours.

Updated Monday, 05 July 2021