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Patient Privacy

Pathology is a specialist medical service.

The quality of our service depends on the accuracy of our information, including the details we collect from you. Our brochure shows what you can expect from Clinpath Laboratories under the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).


Privacy Policy Brochure

What you can expect

  • We need your consent to collect information about you.
  • We use this information to be able to provide you with reliable results and provide your doctors with helpful advice.
  • We aim to be fair in the way we collect information.
  • Most information is collected at the time that a pathology request is written out by your doctor. Your doctor will generally explain why he or she is recording the information and where it is going to.
  • Where you visit a pathology collection centre and more information is sought, you will be asked if it is OK to collect that information.
  • The systems used to store patient details are audited as part of our laboratory accreditation to ensure they are reliable and secure.
  • The best way to receive your results is in consultation with your doctor, so that they can be explained in the context of your health care. You may, however, request access to information we hold about you.
  • You may discuss any concerns you have about how we handle your information.
  • Your contact information may be used for matters relating to billing, particularly with regard to the delivery of invoices, reminders and expediting of payments. This could, for example, include the use of SMS reminders and the referral of unpaid invoices to a third party debt collection agency.

For further information

Brooke Kenny

Phone: (08) 8366 2000

Federal Privacy Commissioner

Hotline: 1300 363 992