Therapeutic venesections

Our full-time medical practitioner, Dr Michael Speedy, has a particular interest in the management of patients requiring regular therapeutic venesections, and is also responsible for our autologous transfusion service.

Together with our haematologists, Dr Speedy is available for bone marrow biopsies and other procedures.

Venesection referrals

Venesection referrals can be made on a Clinpath Pathology request form and marked 'For the attention of Dr Speedy'. 

  • Therapeutic venesections are indicated for specific conditions including haemochromatosis, polycyhaemia and porphyria cutanea tarda
  • Venesections are performed under the supervision of Dr Speedy
  • Monitoring of blood results and frequency of venesections as per your doctor's request
  • We can advise your doctor regarding the management of conditions requiring venesection, and also advise on the treatment goals for the specific conditions as well as the appropriate frequency of venesection and related blood tests
  • All venesections and associated pathology tests are bulk-billed 

Venesections are by appointment only, please call Dr Speedy's office on 08 8366 2049 to make a booking.

Venesection Clinics

Ingle Farm

4/15 Roopena Street, Ingle Farm

Please call 08 8366 2087 to make a booking

Mount Barker

Mount Barker Shop A, 13 Gawler Street, Mount Barker

Please call 08 8366 2087 to make a booking

Tennyson Centre

Tennyson Centre, 520 South Road, Kurralta Park

Please call 08 8366 2087 to make a booking