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When ordering Allergy tests, we ask that you nominate which allergens you would like tested.

A comprehensive menu of allergens that we stock and test for is available to download (pdf link).

*Contact your Client Liaison to request a printed booklet via

Some “allergy symptoms” may result from intolerance mechanisms (salicylates, amines, MSG, metabisulphite) and detection of IgE to them is not useful or possible.

You can request the allergens using their alphanumeric codes.

Specific IgE is measured to confirm an allergic aetiology (cause) for symptoms when there is a history that suggests a possible allergic cause.

All our specific IgE testing is now performed on the Phadia ImmunoCAP® system. 

As the majority of published studies in allergy use this testing method, it is widely considered the benchmark for quantifying specific IgE.


Billing Policy For Allergy Testing

Our policy is to respect your request for the allergens and decode them according to our best practice.

If your test request exceeds our allowance under Medicare, we will still test for the allergens, but will need to bill your patient according to our price menu for any additional tests. 

Additional tests will incur an allergen test fee, plus the costs of the extra allergens ordered.

For any billing enquiries please contact (08) 8366 2066