COVID-19 Update Friday 20 March 2020

Friday, 20 March 2020 | Brooke Kenny

Clinpath Pathology remains vigilant in the management of risks that have the potential to impact our ability to operate.


Alternative Service Options

We are hearing daily of the innovative ways in which you are working to tackle the health and wellbeing concerns of your patients – and to keep them and your staff safe. We applaud your efforts and find them inspirational.
Telehealth is one new way of working and Clinpath Pathology are looking at ways in which we can follow suit and reshape how we support your work to ensure you still receive timely results and critical pathology services. This may include expanding our current domiciliary services to offer patients more “in home” support. If this is of interest to your practice, please discuss with your Client Liaison.


Elderly Patients

We are working with aged care facilities to ensure a continuation of their services through the use of SonicDX etc.

Additionally, if your practice has a higher level of elderly patients, please discuss the option of the domiciliary service with us, to minimize and reduce their risk of exposure at this time.

Standalone Flu/Respiratory Testing Centres

On advice from the SA Health Communicable Disease Control Branch, Clinpath Pathology continues to be unable to test for the COVID-19 virus. All patients are ‘screened’ by our own Collector prior to any test. All patients presenting with flu like symptoms or who have a request for respiratory testing are asked to attend a standalone Collection Centre. The list is available on our website:
All staff working at one of our standalone sites are provided with full PPE and we monitor and check in on their own health and wellbeing. We also offer staff rotations and rostering checks to ensure they get breaks.


Screening Patients

Our collection staff are well versed in how to screen patients. Should you have a co-located Collection Centre, we can provide support to minimise your own risks.


Medical Supplies

Demand for medical supplies remains high. At this point, we are also low on gloves, skin lesion kits, and toilet paper! Please remain patient as we attempt to supply all orders requested.

Once again, we encourage you to stay aware of our directives, either via this medium, your BD Client Liaison Rep, or our website.

Kind regards,
Brooke Kenny
Pre-Analytics Manager