COVID-19 Respiratory Testing Update Thursday 26 March 2020

Thursday, 26 March 2020 | Brooke Kenny

Clinpath Pathology continue to offer respiratory testing. As we move into Adelaide’s regular winter flu season, rest assured our collection and laboratory testing practices remain in place.

Led by our Infectious Diseases Laboratory Director, Dr Jhumur Roy, Clinpath Pathology has been responsible for the laboratory diagnosis of bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal diseases for many years now, and takes an active role in the clinical sector.

While SA Pathology continues to provide critical COVID-19 testing as per the direction of the CDC, Clinpath continues to support the pathology market with comprehensive respiratory testing. This includes the provision of 11 targets in comparison to the 6 targets only offered by SA Pathology. Therefore, with the COVID-19 testing a priority for SA Pathology, Clinpath can support your respiratory testing requirements, ensuring you have timely access to results in pursuit of optimal patient care.


The 11 targets offered at Clinpath include:

Flu A

Flu B



Human Metapneumovirus

Parainfluenza 1

Parainfluenza 2

Parainfluenza 3

Parainfluenza 4




Additionally, B. pertussis and M. pneumoniae is tested at Clinpath, if specifically requested.


Standalone Flu/Respiratory Testing Centres

Clinpath offers standalone collection centres for respiratory testing. The list of Medical Centre and standalone Collection Centres accepting Flu/Respiratory tests is available on our website:

As usual, all Clinpath staff accepting Respiratory tests are provided with full PPE. We are very mindful of our own PPE stock and globally there are limited supply of some items, however the safety of our staff is not something we will compromise.


Respiratory Testing Swabs

For respiratory testing the new Sigma Transwab®, released in February 2020, allows the use of a single type of swab for nearly all microbiological and molecular tests. If you require swab stock, please fax your Stores Order Form to (08) 8363 9434.

Once again, we encourage you to stay aware of our directives, either via this medium, your BD Client Liaison Rep, or our website.


Kind regards,

Brooke Kenny

Pre-Analytics Manager