COVID-Safe Plans for Collection Centres

Tuesday, 01 December 2020 | Brooke Kenny

Think Pathology. Think Clinpath. CovidsafePreparing our sites to comply with the SA Health directives

As per the SA Health directive released yesterday, we have been working through the requirements for implementing the required QR Code check in system for our Collection Centres.

We have confirmed with SA Health the requirements for our local Collection Centres and can state that as per Section 10 of the SA Government’s COVID Safe Plan (Part 2), the overall responsibility for the QR code check in process and the actual management of all and any patients entering a practice, lies with the owner of the building.

As such, we have been advised from SA Health that the preferred stance is if our Collection Centre is collocated within a medical centre that we do not manage or implement an additional QR Code in this scenario, as the patient would have already registered on entry to the centre.

In saying this, we are required to submit for COVID safe plans and obtain QR codes for those sites whereby we may have a separate external entrance and are deemed “stand alone”.

By way of back up, we retain records in our patient day book and our Collectors are manually noting “carers” and additional family members in attendance.

We wish to confirm that all our collection staff have access to and are aware they need to wear a surgical single use mask and collection staff have masks available for patients if required. Masks can be ordered by our collection team on their normal stores order form.

If you have any questions, you can also contact your Client Liaison representative to discuss. We encourage you to stay aware of our directives, either via this medium, your BD Client Liaison Rep, or our website here: