Urinary cytology: Illustrating The Paris System for reporting urine cytology

Monday, 01 June 2020 | Dr Cos Fusco

The Paris System (TPS) is a standardised, comprehensive system for reporting urinary cytology. It was developed over several years and published in 2016 by a team of cytopathologists, surgical pathologists and urologists. It recognises the two distinct pathways of neoplastic transformation of urothelium, as well as cytology’s ability to reliably detect high grade urothelial neoplasia but not low grade urothelial neoplasia.

Clearer diagnoses

TPS has been developed to accurately and clearly communicate cytological findings, and to provide a clear diagnostic, therapeutic and clinically relevant management path for clinicians based on these findings.

It also enables standardised inter-institutional reporting that reflects the current understanding of the pathogenesis of urothelial neoplasia. 

TPS defines the cytomorphologic criteria for seven diagnostic categories, which are briefly explained in the downloadable document.

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