Mile End Laboratory COVID-19 Testing Station

Friday, 01 May 2020 | Brooke Kenny

[Letter issued to our Mile End surrounding community 01 May 2020]




Dear Local Resident,

Clinpath Pathology is a highly respected, well established private pathology practice, providing laboratory services to general practitioners, specialists, private hospitals, and aged care facilities in Adelaide, South Australia for over 25 years. We are locals.

We are also a frontline healthcare service.

During COVID-19, Clinpath has focused its efforts on supporting patient care via adapting our service models to meet client needs. Additionally, we have undertaken some internal renovations to expand our molecular pathology department which will enable us to provide onsite high volume COVID-19 testing and an array of COVID-19 collection services to South Australians.

This will include the collection of COVID-19 from patients via standalone collection centres and a drive through point inside the Mile End laboratory premises.

We live and breathe infection control day in, day out.

The commencement of this drive through service will be in line with all government guidelines and testing criteria will apply.

As with all drive through testing stations, COVID-19 patients remain in their cars and the Collector takes the sample via the car window. This process was established and is compliant with the Centre for Diseases Control (CDC), a branch of SA Health, recommendations.

Our highly skilled Collectors are expert in providing all types of pathology collections and our focus has been the wellbeing and safety of the patient from day one. This next step is just the process our business will take, to ensure the overall health of our entire community.

If you have any concerns, please contact either myself or Charlie Robinson via 83662020

Brooke Kenny

PreAnalytics & Special Projects Manager

Clinpath Pathology