Dedicated pathology services in South Australia

Wednesday, 06 May 2020 | Charlie Robinson

The Australian Government has engaged Sonic Healthcare to provide a dedicated pathology service for rapid sample collection and testing for COVID-19 at all Aged Care facilities. 

South Australia has had an amazing result to date with the COVID-19 pandemic, and this partnership to service the Aged Care sector, aims to provide additional support to those patients within our community who are at a higher risk, including those frontline healthcare staff who support this sector.

Brooke Kenny, Clinpath Pathology Pre Analytics and Special Projects Manager, said, "As the local Sonic Healthcare entity in South Australia, Clinpath Pathology is pleased to be able to support aged care in this way, recognising the unique challenges in providing COVID-19 testing within an aged care environment. When it comes down to it, we understand the importance of keeping aged care residents and aged care industry employees safe, as much as we understand the importance of keeping patients safe!"

With services available to both metropolitan and rural aged care facilities across the state, this contract enables our mobile COVID-19 Aged Care team to arrange collection and testing of COVID samples in a seamless and safe manner.


Clinpath Pathology's dedicated Aged Care Hotline is available on 1800 570 573 between the hours of 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week.
Clinpath Pathology's dedicated Aged Care Coordinator, is Stephanie Hubbard


Brooke says, "With our expanded molecular laboratory now operational and our gold standard COVID -19 validation process well underway, Clinpath Pathology will provide Clinpath Pathology medical practitioner clients and their patients with access to routine respiratory testing, inclusive of 11 panels and COVID-19."

This investment, along with our ability to provide COVID-19 Rapid testing for private hospital patients and Aged Care sentinel patients, ensures we can support the state, the community and our valuable clients for years to come.


Our service models, have been designed to support the whole community, not just those suspected of COVID-19.

Our wide reaching mobile domiciliary service extends to those in our community who are immunocomprised, suffering from major or chronic illnesses, pregnant women, the elderly, oncology patients or those with a need for regular monitoring.

Brooke says, "This service has seen a great increase in patient requests and we are thrilled we have been able to support South Australians in this way, at no further cost to them."