Operational Update 02 04 2020 - SonicDX

Thursday, 02 April 2020 | Brooke Kenny

Clinpath continue to explore ways in which we can reduce transmission and face to face contact. One known means of transfer of COVID-19 is through the handling of paper.

We implemented the option of electronic pathology referrals which should eliminate and reduce the number of paper forms being used. You can read more about this service via our website. However, in essence, it means we now support those medical practices who have moved to telehealth services, or have made alternate arrangements which limit patient contact, by accepting pathology request forms via email.

To continue along this path of reducing your exposure, we encourage the use of Sonic DX to access your pathology reports electronically as well.

SonicDX is not a new service to Clinpath Pathology and you may already use it, or have previously seen materials explaining its purpose and use. The premise of SonicDX is pathology results, anywhere anytime. You can access and view patient results via your desktop or mobile phone securely. Using this service will ensure that during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic we can continue to provide timely access to critical results, without the need for paper handling ie eliminating the printing and distribution of hard copy results.

More information about SonicDX: www.clinpath.com.au/clinicians/results/sonic-dx

Sign up now: www.sonicdx.com.au 


Moving forward, Clinpath will cease distribution of hard copy results.

If you have not yet taken up the opportunity to transfer the receipt of your patient pathology requests via the SonicDX platform, we strongly encourage you to contact your Client Liaison or email busdev@clinpath.com.au

If for any reason, you are unable to accept receipt of pathology reports electronically please let your Client Liaison know so that we can make provisions for your practice to continue to receive paper copies. We ask that where possible you consider this service to reduce transference risk to both your staff and ours.

If you have any issues or concerns in relation to this change, you can also contact your Client Liaison representative to discuss. We also encourage you to stay aware of our directives, either via this medium, your BD Client Liaison Rep, or our website.

Kind regards,

Brooke Kenny

Pre-Analytics Manager