Operational Update 31 03 2020 - Easter and Anzac Services

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 | Brooke Kenny

Easter and Anzac Day Opening Hours

Easter Weekend: Friday 10 April - Monday, 13 April

Anzac Day: Saturday, 25 April 2020


With general pathology requests currently in decline due to the testing of COVID-19 through SA Pathology, Clinpath have taken the decision to reduce our number of Collection Centres open over the Easter and Anzac holiday weekend days.

This is in part to focus our staff resources at our busiest sites, as much as ensure we continue to support our clients in our most efficient way at this time.

We hope any disruption to normal service does not significantly impact your own operations and we encourage you to contact your Client Liaison representative if you have concerns to discuss.

Our website includes the feature of being able to filter search by open Collection Centre within a particular locality and time. The Collection Centres open for Easter and Anzac Day will be featured.

Once again, we encourage you to stay aware of our directives, either via this medium, your BD Client Liaison Rep, or our website.

Kind regards,

Brooke Kenny

Pre-Analytics Manager