Sigma Transwab® included in our new Swab Guide

Monday, 03 February 2020

New Swab Guide

Swabs are the second most frequently processed specimen type in microbiology and molecular pathology. 

The large variety of different swabs has been a longstanding cause of confusion and avoidable specimen re-collections. 

Make sure you use the correct swab, check the new guide.

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Sigma Transwab®

The Sigma Transwab® is now available and allows the use of a single type of swab for nearly all microbiological and molecular tests.


Advantages of the Sigma Transwab®

Suitable for Gram stain and bacterial culture from any site and for the same range of bacterial pathogens as previous swab types.

Suitable for diagnosis of viral infections (by PCR) and some fungal infections (e.g. Candida).

Suitable for all molecular assays (one swab per requested pathogen is preferred).

Suitable for screening for multi-resistant organisms (e.g. MRSA).


Stock replacement

The process of stock replacement commenced in February 2020.

During the transition from the current swabs to Sigma Transwab®, either type can be used for specimen collection.

If you require stock, please fax the Stores Order Form to (08) 8363 9434.