Showcasing Modern Pathology in Action

Monday, 17 February 2020

Mile End Laboratory Tours

Pathology is the engine room of healthcare and central to medical diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management.

During our 45 minute Mile End laboratory tour, we provide a quick overview of Clinpath’s history, leading to the  development of this new state of the art laboratory, now home to 36 local South Australian Pathologists.

We explain the journey of the test tube from blood collection through to lab processing and archiving. We showcase the new state of the art Core Laboratory and Haematology area where fast diagnosis of life threatening conditions and chronic diseases occur. We will demonstrate how, similar to a Scaletrix model, when samples enter the GLP track system they are transported via cars to pre-analytical devices, such as an Australian first bulk loader, a centrifuge, de-capper and aliquoters.

We take you through the Histology and Cytology lab where our cancer detection processes occur, and we explain the process for Infectious Disease detection through Microbiology and Molecular/Serology.

At each step, we invite questions and encourage discussion to ensure you gain a greater insight into the Pathology process.



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Lab Tour Requirements

  1. Please wear flat, closed in shoes
  2. Please leave large school bags, backpacks or handbags at the door (or we can store safely during your tour if need be)
  3. Please, no food or drink.