Multiday myPatch-sl Holter

Friday, 01 November 2019

Go with the only pathology service provider in South Australia to offer the multiday myPatch-sl Holter

Think Pathology. Think Clinpath.Multiday Mypatch

The multiday myPatch-sl Holter helps to increase detection rates while providing improved patient comfort, compliance and 2-3 channel recordings for more accurate data.

Attached in 30 seconds, the myPatch-sl allows for in clinic checks, to ensure an informed diagnosis when access to a specialist cardiologist is not an option.

With patients able to return to regular routines and activities in comfort, myPatch-sl allows for multiday studies – which are shown to yield more results beyond 24hrs and up to 14 days.

myPatch-sl Holter records continuously on 2 channels up to 14 days and on 3 channels for up to 9 days of continuous ECG data.

Holter Monitors are fitted and removed at one of our collection centres by appointment. They are reimbursed under Medicare (bulkbilled) up to 24 hours. 

Clinpath Pathology uses the latest Holter and cardiac reporting technology, to help improve diagnostic care and quality.

The myPatch-sl is a lightweight, waterproof multiday Holter providing superior heart data and better results for your patients.

4 patient centred features for choosing myPatch-sl

  1. Waterproof IP rated 68 allows patients to shower and exercise as normal for the entire heart study
  2. 3 -channel recording up to 9 days and 2-channel recording for up to 14 days
  3. Three sizes – Adult, Paediatric and Neonate – better results at any age
  4. Lightweight 25g device ensures greater comfort and freedom to get on with day-to-say activities.

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This article originally appeared in our Doctor Newsletter Spring 2019 Edition (link)