Episode One | This Pathological Life | What is Pathology?

Monday, 06 July 2020 | Dr Travis Brown

What is Pathology?


Pathology is by definition: the study of disease.

Pathology is about understanding.

This episode uses the story of Mary Papanicolaou and her husband George who discovered the pap smear.

Dr Travis Brown says, “What I’m hoping is that this podcast explores the evolution of Pathology from historical perspectives to the current day understanding. This may be about a disease or an event or a person. So much can be learnt and there are some fascinating stories like the example of Mary Papanicolaou. Mary Papanicolaou’s contribution has led to hundreds of thousands of lives being saved and unfortunately, she is little more than a sentence or two in historical records.”



Part One - Mary Papanicolaou and the pap smear

07:31 Part Two - Defining Pathology

14:17 Diabetes

17:01 Bone Tumours

20:45 Part Three - How pathology can aide the GP

Updated Thursday, 01 April 2021