Business Development Team

The Business Development team are available to assist practitioners and their staff with the practicalities of using our services.

Please call 08 8366 2000 if you wish to speak to a liaison or email




Phone number


Kristian HarrisBusiness and Property Manager    0438 742 330Email

Jill Hall
BAppSc (MLS)

Client Liaison - Specialists    0408 819 430Email

Tammy Braendler

Client Liaison - Specialists    0419 331 951Email

Simone McArthur
BAppSc (Human Movement)
BAppSc (Nursing) 

Client Liaison - Specialists    0409 901 044Email

Jodie Sellick

Client Liaison - General Practice

0408 851 602Email

Brenton Foreman

Client Liaison - General Practice