Business Development team

The Business Development team at Clinpath Pathology include experienced professionals who value our long-term relationships

If you would like to speak with a representative responsible for your locality or arrange for them to visit your practice, please email

Our Executive Business Analyst is George M Cacas

Our Supervisor Business Development is Daniel Stewart



General Practice

Annie ClelandBusiness Territory Manager - GP
Brenton Foreman

Business Territory Manager - GP

Jodie Sellick

Business Territory Manager - GP

Remy Kamleh

Business Territory Manager - GP

Specialist & Hospital

Jill Hall

Corporate Account Manager

Sonic Genetics Product Specialist

Rebecca KordicSpecialist Business Manager - Anatomical Pathology
Simone McArthurSpecialist Business Manager - Specialists Groups and Hospitals
Tammy Braendler

Specialist Business Manager - Specialists Groups and Hospitals


To order Doctor Referral pads if you are an existing client, email Dani Flower direct with your requirements.


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        Tammy Braendler
        Mile End
        George M Cacas
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        Annie Cleland
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        Brenton Foreman
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        Jill Hall
        BAppSc (MLS)
        Mile End
        Remy Kamleh
        Mile End
        Rebecca Kordic
        Mile End
        Simone McArthur
        BAppSc (Human Movement) BAppSc (Nursing)
        Mile End
        Jodie Sellick
        Mile End
        Daniel Stewart
        Mile End
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