Dr Jan Ibbetson




Phone number

08 8366 2009

Email: jan.ibbetson@internode.on.net

Special interests: Dermatopathology and alopecia

Dr Jan Ibbetson is a medical graduate of the University of Otago and trained in anatomical pathology in Auckland, New Zealand. She came with her family to South Australia in 1995. Dr Ibbetson has worked in both private and hospital-based laboratories in Adelaide, subspecialising in dermatopathology. She has worked for SA Pathology for a number of years, and joined Clinpath laboratory in 2012. Dr Ibbetson reports all skin and hair conditions, with a special interest in inflammatory skin conditions and alopecia. She teaches dermatopathology to pathology and dermatology trainees and is involved in skin cancer research. Dr Ibbetson is a member of the Australasian Dermatopathology Society (ADS).