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Mile End Laboratory Tours

Clinpath Pathology's CEO Dr Fergus Whitehead invites you to tour the Mile End Laboratory.

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Semen Collection Cessation

Due to changes in the NPAAC guidelines, Clinpath Pathology is no longer able to provide semen analysis testing within our scope of accreditation from August 1st 2019. We are committed to continue providing a quality service to our referring clinicians and patients, therefore Clinpath have made arrangements with Repromed to continue semen analysis testing for patients across South Australia. For any further information or questions regarding the cessation of the seminal analysis by Clinpath Pathology please discuss with your Client Liaison Representative. You can email or call 08 8366 2000.




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Clinpath Pathology takes pride in the provision of the highest quality service to all our patients. Any suggestions or comments you have are invaluable in helping us ensure that we maintain our standard of service excellence. Please email or click here to leave feedback and we will endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.